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Design for the Planet


To foster our commitment to sustainability, blending innovation, eco-design, and principles of circularity in our business activities, and throughout our value chain.

Le Bambole Design for the Planet_DesignHolding

A Group-wide commitment to inspire the future of eco-design

By designing for the Planet, we state our pledge to adopt an environmentally committed approach across our operations, from production lines to office activities. We do this by embedding eco-design and circularity principles across our product design and engineering processes, being alert to ESG risks in all our operations and by actively implementing climate change mitigation strategies throughout our value chain.

At Flos B&B Italia Group, we aim to make sustainability an undeniable part of the beauty we express through our products. We do this by designing for life.

In addition to this Group-wide commitment, each Brand will also continue to individually embrace innovative materials, design methods and design partnerships in their work and they will they do it by taking all necessary measures to minimize the environmental impact of their operations, monitoring and embracing regulatory developments and scientific progresses. The Group-wide eco-design approach will provide evidence of each individual Brand’s commitment in this domain.

FlosB&BItaliaGroup_B&B Camaleonda
Camaleonda sofa by Mario Bellini, B&B Italia

Eco-design products

Le Bambole Bellini B&B Italia_FlosB&BItaliaGroup
Le Bambole by Mario Bellini
B&B Italia

Since 2018, B&B Italia has sought to incorporate circular economy principles across its design and production processes to improve the recyclability of some of its iconic collection. Working with a third-party laboratory, B&B Italia has been amongst the first in the furniture sector to evaluate products’ circularity with a rigorous process.

Almendra by Patricia Urquiola

Over the past few years, Flos has been investing in developing a structured eco-design strategy with Almendra designed by Patricia Urquiola, a decorative luminaire that Flos developed in 2021 and launched in 2022, and with the lamp Oplight, designed by Jasper Morrison. Both products embed circularity and eco-design principles, having been made with recycled and recyclable components and materials.

PH5 Retake Louis Poulsen_FlosB&BItaliaGroup
PH 5 Retake by Poul Henningsen
Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen has embraced “Retake”, a new operating model based on circularity principles. With Retake, the Brand aims to increase the longevity of its products a nd the use of recyclable materials in the product designs, while also actively taking responsibility for facilitating and encouraging circular consumption.

Sustainable kitchens

Arclinea systems include panels made from 100 percent recycled and regenerated FSC-certified larch, mahogany, and oak and use nontoxic paints and lacquers that are E-1 certified for formaldehyde emission.

Since 2013, Arclinea* has put in place a management system to evaluate its suppliers in accordance with FSC® principles. Today, 100% of Arclinea’s wood supply and products are FSC® Mix certified – accounting for 43% of the entirety of B&B Italia’s wood purchased – guaranteeing that wood is supplied from FSC®-certified forests, recycled material, or controlled wood.

* Licence Code FSC-C118694

Arclinea kitchen _ FlosB&BItaliaGroup
Thea by Antonio Citterio

The Group has been carbon neutral on own operations since 2020.

A drive to model sector leading climate consciousness

As outlined in our Climate Strategy, we intend to play our part in tackling climate change by progressively reducing our direct and indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We will do this by setting transparent, ambitious and measurable targets, aligned to the highest global standards such as the SBT initiative and the GHG Protocol. In addition to acting as a Group at a global level, our Brands have also set their own individual strategies and targets for emissions reduction, contributing to the circular economy, and ensuring mindful waste management.

Finally, by working alongside our suppliers, we are committed to not only improving our own performances in materials procurement, packaging and waste management, but to also spreading climate consciousness and encouraging the adoption of disruptive solutions to limit the usage of raw materials and to improve packaging processes.

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