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PH 5 Retake

PH 5 Retake Louis Poulsen_Design Holding_mobile
PH 5 Retake Louis Poulsen_Design Holding

Louis Poulsen continues to improve on the inherent longevity of its products

with the new, raw and upcycled PH 5 Retake, bringing this classic design into a new era.

Louis Poulsen has embraced “Retake”, a new operating model based on circularity principles. With Retake, the Brand aims to increase the longevity of its products and the use of recyclable materials in the product designs, while also actively taking responsibility for facilitating and encouraging circular consumption. 

PH 5 retake_LP_ detail_DesignHolding
PH 5 retake_DesignHolding

PH 5 Retake

With a firm belief in recycling and upcycling, Louis Poulsen is continuously researching and experimenting with how to best reuse materials and products, including transforming flawed products into treasured new lamps—like the new PH 5 Retake. This unique lamp with a raw finish is made from shelved PH 5s that might have crooked shades, irregularities or dents, while using minimal resources.

The perspectives of recycling and upcycling are consistent with Louis Poulsen’s central design principle of designing lamps that last for generations, which has been a steadfast aim, since teaming up with lighting design mastermind Poul Henningsen in the 1920s.

A classic example is the iconic PH 5 pendant from 1958, which to this day is still one of the most famous and bestselling Louis Poulsen designs of all times. By virtue of its durability and timeless design, it is testament to the underlying circularity of all Louis Poulsen product designs in general – now taken to the next level with the upcycled version PH 5 Retake.

PH 5 Retale_Louis Poulsen_setting_Design Holding (1)

Upcycling a vintage or flawed classic PH 5 to a new, raw PH 5 Retake is an interesting and modern twist on the concept of aesthetics, which Louis Poulsen is eager to explore further.

"The durability and high quality of our lighting designs form the Louis Poulsen legacy and it is certainly something, we cherish. It makes us proud to see how our products, including the PH 5s, are sold over and over again, only to be restored and traded once more, and how they are passed on from one generation to the next."

David Obel Rosenkvist, Chief Commercial & Creative Officer at Louis Poulsen