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Almendra Patricia Uquiola for Flos_mobile
Almendra Patricia Uquiola for Flos

“Above all, what I like is that an almond is an object with its own temporality. Almendra is the seed and the light, and it lives inside the shell which is like a small house, a space that contains the seed, that protects it. I wanted to explore the energy of almonds. The lamp is still a mechanical object, but in the near future I imagine a light fixture that opens and closes, which has its own mobility.”

Patricia Urquiola

Created by Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola, Almendra is a modular lighting system with shapes and colours reminiscent of the almond tree from which it takes its name. An ambitious project in terms of design and materials and a synthesis of poetry, and sustainability achieved with the help of sublime design and cutting-edge technology.

Almendra Illustrations_©Manuel Carvalho_&_Nazara Lázaro_Flos
©Manuel Carvalho & Nazara Lázaro
Almendra Illustrations1_©Manuel Carvalho_&_Nazara Lázaro_Flos

The colours of nature

Patricia Urquiola has chosen a very natural colour palette inspired by the colours of the almond tree. Beautiful matt finishes such as Off-White, Nude, Ocher, Anthracite are completed with two metallic colours, Bay Blue Metallized and Lilac Metallized.

Almendra sustainability for Flos

A synthesis of poetry, light and sustainability.

Almendra complies with the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) protocol and has been designed with sustainability in mind. Its petals and diffusers are made of a special polycarbonate that is derived from a by-product of paper production and no glue is used to assemble the product. Almendra can be completely dissasembled meaning that each part can be recycled.