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Veronica Mervild 

Content Copywriter at Louis Poulsen

My name is Veronica Mervild and I am a Content Copywriter at Louis Poulsen in Copenhagen.

My primary responsibilities are campaign communications, writing content for a number of channels, defining our tone of voice and managing the translation process.

My background

I started my career in marketing with a series of internships while studying my bachelor’s degree in Linguistics & Italian.

I then chose to complete my master’s degree in Cognition & Communication, at the University of Copenhagen, which strengthened my interest in branding. Shortly thereafter, I started a position at an advertising agency, working with account and content management for a luxury car brand.

What I love most about my job

What I love most about my job is collaborating with both local and international colleagues to develop creative and strategic solutions that aim to strengthen our brand and communicate effectively with our audiences and potential customers.

I really enjoy working across different platforms to create synergies in our communication.

How you think your job will evolve in the coming years?

In the coming years I hope that my job will evolve to become even more strategic, working towards anchoring our tone of voice across languages and channels, as well as creating effective communication strategies to further enhance our brand building as well as inciting more sales.

My advice for someone starting out in this profession

The best advice I can give someone starting out in this profession is to keep learning. The digital technologies and platforms that we work with are constantly evolving, so it is important that we do too. Find sources of information that feed your curiosity and engage with other professionals in your area.

Three words to describe your experience with the brand

I’m proud to work for Louis Poulsen, a brand that embodies three things:


1.     High quality – across design, materials and craftmanship

2.     A culture of collaboration

3.     A history and continued spirit of innovation and striving for excellence