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Italia Casalino

General Manager of Maxalto

I’m Italia Casalino, the General Manager of Maxalto, just joining my new position within the Flos B&B Italia Group a few months ago.

My primary work is to be responsible for defining, developing and implementing strategies and fostering the international growth and desirability of Maxalto, B&B Italia Group’s high-end modern classic furniture brand.

My background

Having graduated in Economics from the University of Bari and obtained a Master’s degree from Rome’s Istituto Tagliacarne, I started out my career at Indesit Company S.p.A., where I held increasingly important commercial and managerial roles, before being appointed Business Director for the Ray-Ban brand by Luxottica Group S.p.A.. Later, I served as Global Retail Director for the Natuzzi Group, a company operating in the furniture industry, where I was in charge of developing the DOS and FOS distribution network and the business model.

What I love most about my job

A teacher, during an English course in Cambridge, told me I was a 'social animal'. Yes, I like meeting people from different cultures and background, listening to their stories, knowing and confronting myself with new realities. I like having my brain always on and finding solutions, new ideas, experimenting with new paths. Each new job is a new journey of professional and personal growth and enrichment.

How you think your job will evolve in the coming years?

If I have to think on the future, I see myself as the head of Maxalto, a brand with a strong recognizable identity, a worldwide leader in the Luxury segment, with its own organization.

My advice for someone starting out in this profession

My advice is to be curious, not to stop on the surface but to go deeper to understand the problem and find the solution. Never stop and suffer the change but surf it and, if possible, anticipate it.

Three words to describe your experience with the brand

I’m proud to lead Maxalto, a brand that declares the value of “Made in Italy” with unmistakable timeless elegance, excellent craftmanship, precious materials and refined details.

Three words that describe my experience with the brand are:


1.   Charming

2.   Consistent

3.   Be in love