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Alyson Wise

Technology Project Manager of Lumens

My name is Alyson Wise, and I am a Project Manager in the Technology department at Lumens.com. I have been a proud employee of Lumens for over 9 years. Over the course of my career here I have worn many hats, all of which have given me a unique perspective of our company. This experience has provided me with a deep understanding of our internal processes across departments.

My background

In 2009, I graduated college with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design, with aspirations of working as an interior designer. The economy had other plans, unfortunately. Design firms were struggling and there weren’t any opportunities available, so I decided to explore other options. I wanted a job that provided stability, growth opportunities, challenged me, and still allowed me to be creative (something still in the design realm). After about a year at one of our competitors as a showroom sales associate, I saw a Customer Service job posting for Lumens and jumped at the opportunity! I knew going in that my goal would be to advance over time. From there, I moved into Consumer Sales, held operational roles for both Sales and Customer Service, and a little over a year ago I moved into my current role of Project Manager. As Project Manager, I work closely with our development team to implement new features and enhancements, identify and fix bugs, and work on cross-departmental projects.

What I love most about my job

I love being able to take a problem, identify the cause, come up with a resolution, and implement the fix. I love collaborating with colleagues in other departments to make processes and procedures more efficient. I love feeling like the work I do at Lumens makes a difference.

My advice for someone starting out in this profession:

·       Always be proactive, not reactive.

·       Ask questions and learn as much as possible, not just about your role or department, other departments as well.

·       Get to the bottom of the issue and fix it. No band-aids/quick fixes.

·       Relationships are important, build strong ones across the organization.

·       Work smarter, not harder!

What are your passions in life and how do they correlate to your job?

Curating a life that is beautiful and fulfilling is very important to me. A life that brings me happiness in my relationships with family and friends, in my garden, and expressing myself in creative ways.

As a project manager, I value the importance of teamwork and try to foster a supportive atmosphere within the technology team, promoting collaboration and productivity. Just like in my garden, I find joy in planning and executing each project, ensuring they grow and thrive successfully. I also try to approach challenges with unique perspectives and encourage others to think outside the box to find effective solutions.

What is your ambition at Lumens?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

It has been very exciting watching this company grow over the past 9 years, and I am excited for everything the future has in store. Five years from now I envision myself in a leadership role, perhaps a Senior Project Manager further contributing to the growth and success of the company. I also hope to pass all my institutional knowledge on to those who may report to me one day.

Three things I like most about working at Lumens? 

1.     The people

2.     The products

3.     The passion

What is the core value that you relate to the most?

‘Stronger Together’ is a value that highlights the power of collaboration, teamwork, and unity. In my role, this core value is particularly relevant and significant because collective efforts lead to better results.